Books for UX thinking

This is a cheat sheet for me. These are some of my favorite books and my notes from them, so I can get back to them when I need to. Thinking, Fast and Slow (2012) Daniel Kahneman “As we navigate our lives, we normally allow ourselves to be guided by impressions and feelings, and the […]

Lüscher’s Color Personality Test

I am looking for new work contracts at the moment, meanwhile, I have come across a few interesting things during the “finding a job” process. Lüscher’s Color Personality Test On Monday, one of my interviews will involve the “Lusher’s Colour Personality Test”. I am a sucker for all sorts of tests and always want to […]

Rome, Italy

September 2011 My super smart childhood friend who lives in Israel is coming to Italy. For us, its a perfect time to meet up half way across the world. Despite the fact that I lived in Italy for 5 years I never managed to visit Rome. This is a great opportunity and requires a bit […]

La Manga, Spain

August, 2011… Location I discovered La Manga when looking for a cheap holiday. People might overlook it because it is considered a golfing resourt. You should take a closer look.  Holiday rentals are great and there is plenty of flights at cheap rates to the area.   Rental, flights and car hire As usual, we […]

Whipsnade Zoo, UK

August 2010 This August Sunday we decided to visit the Whipsnade Zoo It is only about 15 min drive from us as it turned out. Surprisingly we have not visited it before! Entry fee came up to £48 for 2 adults + child + parking. The Zoo is spread over 600 acres of land which […]

San Francisco, USA

August, 2010 San Francisco on my own Flights I could not upgrade my flight to Upper Class  on Virgin as it was a full flight. However, my fear of Prmium economy in Virgin has to be dismissed. The seats were comfortable and food was simply great. We have been served champagne as we boarded and […]


March 2011 The city If you are only staying a short while the way I did, or maybe having a weekend away, here is a list of things you should see to cross it off your check list. If you are as persistent ans as short on time as I was, you can also do […]

Tallinn, Estonia

Arriving There are a number of budget airlines flying to Tallinn Airport in Estonia such as Easy Jet and Rayan Air.  I have always flew with Estonian Air and they are of the same quality. The only difference is probably that they still serve you free food, which is honestly not great, unless you take […]

Corfu, Greece

Augustt, 2010 Finding a place to stay offers great choices in a variety of countries. Pick the ones that offer instant confirmation and you will be able to handle booking and payments directly online. I sent booking request to 3 places as it was pretty late booking. Within a couple of hours I have […]

Berlin, Germany

Spring 2010 This is the most contemporary and relevant place I ave been to ever! I went to Berlin for the very first time, full of preconceptions. It has not only turn my preconceptions off but also offered an amazing variety. Berlin this days is so cheap that it attracts designers, artists and actors from […]

Pula, Croatia

Summer, 2009 We have been looking for a place to go to in the summer when a message from a friend came through. It offered a very reasonable accomodation in Croatia near Pula and after checking the tickets we decided to go there. Flights Ryan Air now flies right to Pula Airport. And those of […]


Summer 2008 Hungary We have a special relation to Hungary.  Our best friend has married a hungarian girl and decided to bring up his family there. Hungary is in the very heart of Europe and is a country that gave birth to the amazing music of Franz Liszt and Bela Bartok. The Danube flows through […]


January 2011 The first impression As soon as we landed in Amsterdam, we wanted to try and see all the things that are forbidden in other countries. It turns out that Amsterdam is actually quite well organised and functioning place. Its all about people who live there and a large population of students. There are […]