Research and design tools and processes used by French flooring manufacturer Tarkett and their retailers.

Lead Research, Insights and Design for Eastern European region

Flooring manufacturer Tarkett has distributors across the globe. Tarkett saw that their local retailers require different sets of tools specific to the region and consumer habits of the region. My task was to lead the research in Eastern Europe, working closely with the stakeholders, to identify region specific painpoints and design solutions.


Phase 1
Conducted stakeholder interviews
Overlooked UX benchmark study and benchmark report
Prepared research study guide & screener
Overlooked study participants recruitment

Phase 2
Conducted contextual interviews with 28 participants in 5 cities
Conducted contextual observations + mystery shopping
Ran co-creation workshops with customers

Phase 3
Worked on research data analysis
Created personas /persona mapping/ validation
Created customer journey mapping
Presented findings in a participatory session to the client (Tarkett)

Participant story extract


Persona’s and persona mapping extract

tarkett4tarkett3 tarkett5User Journey extract

tarkett6 tarkett7

Tarkett now has a complete User Insights report of the region including personas and user journey maps. 50 concepts have been created and places on the opportunity map in a participatory session. Tarkett is a happy client who can now make an educated decision on which of the proposed solutions to focus on.