Moject – Game controller without a screen
What if you did not need a display for your gaming. What if, the game controller allowed you to both project and controll your game in a 360 degrees space anywhere, anytime.

This is a promotional video


Friends on Demand

Ebay collaboration – Designed a Skype hardware product that will appeal to Gen Y.
In the world before touch screen – iPhone and iPad, I was asked to do a collaboration project between Skype and eBay (who already owned Skype). We specifically looked at ideas for the Gen Y.
The idea i came up with is to look into touch screen interactions. In this project i explored a taxonomy of touch and how the interaction with the product could be natural, fun and desirable. I conducted an extended research into behaviour of GenY, and created “touch” taxonomies. I cannot share these, but I have created a video to illustrate main concepts.
All work has been done by me except for post production of the videos i filmed.

(better with audio)


DOCODEMO – Hitachi

Hitachi, mainly known for their TV and servers, wanted to move into public displays business.
The issues faced were with usage of public displays. The world before “touch screens” were cheaply available.
It was crucial to come up with design that did not require a mouth, was cheap, visible in the sunlight and would not damage the display. We have proposed to create a gesture interactive display by building a much cheaper harware for it.
Once we built the harware we had a major UI challenge to resolve by creating the interface that has no “click” or “scroll”.

I have been part of a 3 people team to come up and build the hardware, and I programmes the UI for it.

Milano buyers show



Interior Design for Nissan – Japan