Whipsnade Zoo, UK

August 2010

This August Sunday we decided to visit the Whipsnade Zoo

It is only about 15 min drive from us as it turned out. Surprisingly we have not visited it before!

Entry fee came up to £48 for 2 adults + child + parking.

The Zoo is spread over 600 acres of land which provides a lot of freedom for animals in enclosures.


You can explore it on foot, which is what we did, or by car.
There is a free safari bus running around the park for you to hop on and off if you get tired.

Number 1 son loves reptiles, so we spent a lot of time at the Discovery center which has a brilliant
collection of all sorts of reptiles and insects.


Live shows

Throughout the day you can attend free live shows that take place in various locations. The sea lions show is always brilliant, and the exotic birds one that takes place right next to it was excellent. The timetable for the shows is in the booklet provided at the entrance to the Zoo and they take place 4 times during the day and last about 15 min.

Other Animals

You can also take a train ride around some of the enclosures which costs £4 for adult and free for kids.
I have to say that it was not worth the 15 min of the ride we had.

There is a huge kids playground and a lot of green hills where you can relax and have a picnic.
Unlike most of the Zoos I have been to, this one is more informal and provides a lot of green areas to
relax and enjoy the day.

At the end we tried our luck outrunning the fastest animal.

Climbing like monkeys




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