March 2011

The city

If you are only staying a short while the way I did, or maybe having a weekend away, here is a list of things you should see to cross it off your check list. If you are as persistent ans as short on time as I was, you can also do this in a single day since Prague is not a huge place.

1. Prague Castle and Golden Lane

Prague Castle is the biggest castle on all over the world. Nowdays there is a seat of president of the Czech Republic and Czech crown jewels are kept there. Golden Lane is situated in the walls of Prague Castle and is very popular for its appearance and historical personalities who lived there so as Franz Kafka etc.

2. Charles Bridge “Carlov most”

Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge over Vltava river in Prague. It has got very rich and interesting history that is why we would recommend you to visit also a Museum of the Charles Bridge which is located in the end of the bridge by the Old Town Tower on Male namesti.

At the time I was there it had a lot of reconstruction work going on. However, the beauty of it and the views it offers still makes it a major landmark.

3. Old Town Sqaure with St. Nichola´s and Tyn churches

Old Town Square is probably the most popular square in Prague with lots of historical sights to see. It is located among Tyn church, St Nicola´s church and Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock. In the middle of the Old Town Square there is a statue of the Czecg reformer Jan Hus.

4. Astronomical Clock and the Old Town Hall

Astronomical clock are situated on the Old Town Square on the Old Town Hall building. It is one of the most famous astronomical clocks on all over the world and its famous also under the name Prague Orloj. Every hour you can see how the clock plays what is short but very interesting performance.

5. St. Vitus Cathedral

Why is St. Vitus Cathedral so interesting? Come and see its monumental architecture. Building it took almost 600 years and so as to most of Prague monuments also to St. Vitus Cathedrals are connected many legends from Czech history. Under the cathedral there are graves of Czech kings, prinesses, saints and other prominent persons.

6. Jewish Quarter

dominant of Jewish Quarter which is situated on the Old Town is Jewish cemetery and Old New Synagogue. On the Jewish cemetery there are graves of many important perosns from Czech Jewish history so as Rabi Löw and others. Old New Synagogue is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe and legend says that foundation stones are from King´s Salomon Church from Jerusalem.

7. Vysehrad Castle

Vysehrad Castle is situated on the hill upon river Vltava offers unforgetable view. Except of Castle you can see there a cemetery where are vgraves of famous people from the Czech history or a very nice park with many statues.

8. Petrin Tower

Petrin Tower is an imitation of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. well, when seeing, yu can laugh because Petrin is only 60 metres high. However, architectonically, especially at the time of its constructing in 1891 it was a gem. It is a worth to make a trip there. Petrin is situated on the hill surrounded by wonderful parks and gardens, around the tower there is also a mirror maze for children or Strahov sanctuary. Nice experience is to go up by the furnicular and down through the parks on your own 😉

9. Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is named after Czech patron the saint what is St. Wencels who has got also a statue on the upper end of the square. Wenceslas Square is rather a shopping and bussines center of Prague, however, still in an historical part of Prague.
10. Prague ZOO with botanic gardens and Troja Chateau

Visiting Troja what is a Prague district could be a tip form more than one day trip. Prague ZOO is a very modern and extensive zoo which will for sure hold not only an interest of children but also of adults. Botanic garden is also customized in very modern and popular way and offers many sections to see. Third place is a Troja Chateau surrounded by gardens, vine-yards and fontains.

Cost of living in Prague

Food and drink in ordinary shops and restaurants in Prague is generally cheaper than in Western Europe. Beer and wine in ordinary pubs is markedly cheaper. Clothes and other consumer goods have similar prices.

Where to stay

The Hotel – Angelo

Hotel is right in the center of Prague. And its reasonably priced. The hotel is lovely, clean and has pretty much all you would expect.


Places to eat

This time i only had time to visit one place worth reviewing. It is located just down the road from Angelo hotel and offers totally authentic food, drinks, prices and attitude.

The office

I thought the office and location is pretty romantic and different and worth a few pics.

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